Månadsarkiv: mars 2009

Heading to Helsinki

Today I’m heading to Helsinki for another general meeting in the COSMOS project. I haven’t visited Finland before and I’m quite happy to finally be on my way. The only thing bothering me is that I need to take a train of some sorts to Vantaa (wherever that is). Oh well.

My first months of the year have been all about authoring loads of articles. Well, ”loads” might be a little over the top, but I do consider four articles during the first half of the semester as quite a hefty amount. Two of them are submitted, and the one I have received feedback on so far got accepted as a full paper in the ICALT2009 conference. The conference will take place in Riga, another city I haven’t visited so that will be quite nice. The ICALT2009 paper is about a Semantic Web based content repository we have been poking around with called Pinetree. The main idea with it is to support content storage and content metadata annotation in upcoming experiments at CeLeKT by using RDF as data model for the logical structure of content and its metadata. As I am conducting research on contextual metadata, I believe that Semantic Web technologies and Pinetree has good potential to support my research on the topic. Time will tell I suppose.

And before I go; a colleague at work tipped me about a nice little Firefox plugin called Mozilla Ubiquity that looks really cool. I will evaluate it on the train towards Copenhagen today.

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