Månadsarkiv: april 2009

Another article accepted

The sun is shining like crazy outside on this nice spring day while I’m stuck inside in our office. Right now we do not even have a window to look out through due to the construction work going on outside. The upside of the coin is that we’re getting a shiny new office somewhere in May. Sweet. Anyhow, earlier this week I received good news: my article sent to the MMEDIA09 conference has been accepted. It seems like the jigsaw pieces are falling into place and that I will have the articles I need for my licentiate (half-way) PhD thesis in time.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent on some coding and API documentation for the Pinetre content repository, and my intention is to add a project page here on my site describing the system a little bit further. Right now the only formal description of it is in a soon to be published article where the detailed info were left out because of spatial constraints.

Now back to work, enjoy Easter!

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