Månadsarkiv: mars 2010

First draft handed in

After several weeks of stressful work and late nights I finally managed to wrap up a first draft of my licentiate thesis with the working title ”An approach to promote semantic interoperability of emerging learning object metadata”. 🙂 Although it feels nice to take a step back and let the text rest for a while I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the whole thing right now. I mean, from my perspective the thesis is quite nice and contains all the stuff you’re supposed to have in a thesis. The only problem I have with my perspective is that it’s not at all objective but rather biased, and lacks any prior experience from dissertation authoring, which makes it unreliable to say the least. So at the moment I try my best to enjoy the calm before the storm. 😛 The first draft was actually due a week ago, but as an article me and two of my colleagues wrote for ICALT 2009 had been recommended for submission to the IEEE TLT journal we decided to focus on that one. In my (again biased) viewpoint the paper now has a more clear message and overall a more solid argumentation. Anyhow, better get back to my coffee before it gets too cold, laters!