Månadsarkiv: mars 2011

A new direction in life

I figured it was time for another update as it has been quite a while. Since the last update I have decided to settle with my Swedish licentiate degree for now. The main reason behind this decision is that I have not been able to figure out how to combine my parenthood with my doctoral studies. Doing research properly either a) requires you to work pretty much all the time, i.e. it’s a way of life, or b) demands that you are a very structured person that can be creative during regular working hours. Some people are able to make it, but I just cannot seem to reach b) with the freedom you have as a PhD student. Further on the road I might pick up on research again, as I am formally registered as a PhD student at LNU, but right now I am very excited in doing some work in the industry.

After poking around here and there I was offered a job at Fortnox as a system developer. I see a lot of potential in the products they offer and I look forward to contribute to these. My future office is located only a few hundred meters from my current one, so the move will not be very drastic location wise. And I already know some of the people I will work with (they’re awesome). My first day of work at Fortnox is scheduled to be the 13th of April. Before that I will have some well deserved vacation with my family and my PS3.

I will definitely miss my colleagues here at CeLeKT, especially my room mates and the coin flip to determine who will brew coffee at random.org. But there will be loads of chances to go for joint lunches or have an ice cream or two in the sun.

By the way, Still I Wither will perform live this Saturday at Musikhuset in Växjö. I strongly suggest that you drop by and get your daily dose of live music. More details are available on the Still I Wither Facebook page.

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