Månadsarkiv: juni 2011

A new spark

Some months of half-time work at Fortnox has now passed which means that I have had some time to reflect on my professional life style change. The awesomeness of being free after working hours is hard to explain; I now have the option to tend to family matters, play World of Warcraft, improve my cooking skills etcetera. When thinking about it I have been studying at the university in one form or another since 2003. Phew. No wonder I needed a change for a while.

During my doctoral studies I often found myself working evenings and weekends. There were conference papers that had to be authored, boring student assignments that had to be corrected, tedious project work – rarely connected to my doctoral studies – had to be completed in time. The pace in which all these various balls were tossed around made the whole research environment stressful and not very fun. And learning new stuff should be fun. Towards the end of my studies, right after I had finished my licentiate degree, I often found myself checking out things to deepen my skills in areas that I had been interested in for a long time. It did not have much to do with my research, but what the heck. It was fun and I had found the spark again to learn.

I am a bit surprised that, while I nowadays have the option to slack through evenings, I actively spend free time to deepen and renew my skills in software development. For example, can you name the principles object oriented design? I must say that was a valuable resource for me. In some ways I guess the thirst for understanding is a sickness (or skill if you will) that comes from having spent a lot of time in research. You need to learn new stuff and try out the stuff you learnt. The main difference from before is that now I can learn the stuff that I want to learn for the moment, in my own pace. My focus right now is on software architectures, making efforts to properly understand patterns on different architectural levels. After reading through an introduction to domain driven design I actually ordered Evans’ book. Looking forward to dig into it when it arrives later this week!