France (first impressions)

After a long day of travel my current location is in a strange hotel in Colmar, France. It turned out to be quite tricky to get here; you need to take two trains trips from the airport and on top of that French people are terribly bad English speakers and appear rather annoyed whenever you ask them something in English. It complicates things. When I finally came to Colmar station and started walking with my bags I realised (after 20 minutes of walking) that my hotel was on the other side of town. Just great. So after 30-40 minutes of strolling I found my hotel, phew. So, onward to the registration venue (another 20 minutes of trying to find my way) and then off to eat. Luckily my years of German studies granted me some phrases fit for restaurants so I managed to order a calzone with coca-cola, but again the waitress was kind of rude. Okay, I understand that it is frustrating to not understand your customers but a little politeness is not too much to ask for. Now I will spend some time fixing my slides for the presentation tomorrow before tonight’s welcome event. I sure hope that there are some people in my situation to hang out with during my stay here. I’ll end this post with a beautiful building from central Colmar, enjoy!

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