ICALT 2009: day 2

Day 2 in Riga offered a mix of good discussions and session themes more in line with my interests than yesterday. The two semantic web sessions offered both ups and downs but was nevertheless inspiring. My article presentation went quite alright, I think the slides wrapped up and connected the problem and the solution (Pinetree) quite nicely. The evening consisted of tasty food and nice surprises at the conference dinner during which our article received best full paper award! I am extremely honored and happy to get this award and I bet my co-authors Oskar and Magnus are as well. 🙂 The diploma will definitely be framed and put up in our office.

Now it is time to get some well deserved sleep and I end this blog entry with a photo of some cutting edge technology I came across at the conference venue here in Riga (be happy that I didn’t photograph the toilets..). Check this out:


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