Morning session

Just back from lunch at McDonalds (I had to try the Royale Cheese aka Quarter Pounder) and the morning session was quite okay with some interesting discussions. While the topics at the MMedia 2009 conference are diverse to say the least, ranging from low-level networking to user interface related stuff, it provides a good opportunity to pick up on some new ideas. The presentation of my paper was on the first session during the day and I think I got my message through, at least there was a lot of discussion afterwards which is a good thing. Also I found the virtPresenter presentation quite nice, which basically lets you integrate a learning management system into Facebook. In my opinion there is a lot to gain when applying TEL in environments where the users feel home, and certainly a lot of students feel more at home in Facebook rather than in Moodle or in Blackboard. I’ll post more comments and photos from the conference when I have the time and energy to do so. Over and out.

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