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Back after parental leave

As of yesterday I am back at the office again after becoming father to a beautiful little girl. Due to circumstances related to her birth, my research and studies were pretty much put on hold for six weeks, so the autumn semester for me officially begins now. During my time away a colleague of mine presented an article we wrote for the MobileHCI 2009 conference in Bonn, Germany, with the research problem of how to increase the expressivity and interoperability of contextual metadata depict mobile media objects. The full reference is located in the publications section of this blog, and while I was at it I added a reference to the paper presented at the MMedia 2009 conference.

The master plan to reach my licentiate during the spring of 2010 is somewhat progressing. As of now I am lacking the final paper to be embedded into the thesis and, fortunately for me, the deadline for the WMUTE 2010 conference was conveniently extended to mid October. So right now I’m busy working on a draft to a joint publication with two colleagues here at Växjö University, in which we are exploring the potential of using Linked Data to enrich digital content that emerge from learning with contextual metadata. I am really excited about the progress so far and hopefully it will serve as a smooth bridge towards my future research. In fact I better get back to work now. Later!

One last thing, I came across a neat workshop on Linked Data on the Web with lots of articles to digest. Check it out!

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