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ICALT 2009: day 2

Day 2 in Riga offered a mix of good discussions and session themes more in line with my interests than yesterday. The two semantic web sessions offered both ups and downs but was nevertheless inspiring. My article presentation went quite alright, I think the slides wrapped up and connected the problem and the solution (Pinetree) quite nicely. The evening consisted of tasty food and nice surprises at the conference dinner during which our article received best full paper award! I am extremely honored and happy to get this award and I bet my co-authors Oskar and Magnus are as well. 🙂 The diploma will definitely be framed and put up in our office.

Now it is time to get some well deserved sleep and I end this blog entry with a photo of some cutting edge technology I came across at the conference venue here in Riga (be happy that I didn’t photograph the toilets..). Check this out:

ICALT 2009: day 1

The first day of ICALT 2009 can be summarised as extremely warm; the rooms where the conference sessions were being held was at least as hot as outside without the occasional fresh breezes you may come across when being outdoors. Besides the heat my impression of the day is quite good, there were a couple of interesting articles presented along with good informal discussions during the breaks. After the welcome reception me, Daniel, Dragan and Hannes went out to grab something to eat. We ordered some meat and we got like 300 g of meat with about 6 pieces of thin peices of vegetable, kind of imbalanced to say the least. Tomorrow will probably deliver more beef for me as some of the session topics are on mobile/ubiquitous computing in learning and semantic web technologies. I’ll be presenting my article in the last session before the conference dinner, hopefully some people will stick around to watch it. Other than that, check out Daniels wild panorama photo he took on the bridge while walking to the conference venue.

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Arriving in Riga

After waking up far too early for my taste and a couple of hours of traveling me and Daniel arrived safe and sound in Riga. Both of us are presenting papers at the ICALT 2009 conference that starts off tomorrow, so we decided to kill some time by strolling around the old town in Riga. The weather here is really nice and supposedly it will stay this way for the remainder of the week. In the old town we stumbled across a couple of churches..

..and buildings composed together in all kinds of wicked color..

..and finally Daniel captured quite a piece of art on a wall nearby our hotel – check this one out!

Alright that’s it for today, let’s see what tomorrow has in store. G’night!

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