Månadsarkiv: oktober 2010

On the other side of the hill

Since last time I wrote here a lot of things have happened. For one, my licentiate thesis was successfully defended, and I must say that it feels good to have that enormous mountain of labour behind me. The seminar went fine and my opponent gave a constructive opposition – thanks!

So now when I have moved beyond the licentiate it is time to get my act together and collect some empirical data, which certainly is needed as my licentiate thesis lacked that vital part. During the last couple of weeks I have put much of my efforts in shaping up the tool I will be using during my coming efforts – Pinetree. The system was presented already at the ICALT2009 conference, but I have not had the time to incorporate the improvements to the system since then. Mostly thanks to the time consuming process of thesis writing. :S Anyhow, the system has reached a somewhat mature status, and with some bug fixes along the road I hope it will contribute to promote Linked Data.

The plan is to realise the ideas I have presented in my licentiate thesis, where digital content generated by learners can be enriched with RDF and interconnected via distributed Linked Data applications. For the interested reader I have added some documentation about the Pinetree system over here. My aim is to release the system as open source whenever I have enough time and energy to read up on how licenses works..I am a programmer, not a lawyer, so it might take some time. ^^ Alright, that’s it for today. Until next time.

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