Back on track

Back on track again after the holidays during which I have spent most of my time cursing my poor Prolog skills in a course about artificial intelligence. Unfortunately the last assignment in the course was a bit too time consuming for the hectic schedule of a Ph D student, but hopefully it is possible to present it at a later stage. Today I picked up my early draft of my licentiate thesis again to continue on the theory part of the cape. The master plan is to have a somewhat readable version of the cape in mid February..hrm yeah well we will see about that. 😛 Alongside of the thesis I am polishing the camera ready version of our contribution to the WMUTE 2010 conference, which to my relief got accepted as a full paper..finally I have all my articles in place for my lic! 🙂 In the paper we elaborate on the potential of using Linked Data to enrich UGC (User Generated Content) with RDF and interconnect systems supporting TEL via the data level, and for my future studies I aim to realise these ideas in real settings at our research centre. Besides the WMUTE contribution, our best paper award for the paper we presented at ICALT 2009 have payed off; we have been invited to publish an extended version of the paper as a journal article in the IEEE TLT. This feels really exciting and we are currently working on a prototype experiment in order to improve the validity of the original paper. Our aim is to have something submittable during January/February this year. Alright better get back to my lic, have a nice day!

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