Kaohsiung, day 1

Finally the jet lag is starting to release its grasp from me. When I woke up this morning at 08:30 local time here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, my body was telling me that the time was 02:30, and rightfully so. I can’t say I was very hungry during breakfast, but I managed to squeeze down a bowl of noodle soup and some fry-ups after a while.

The trip to Taiwan was quire okay; after travelling by bus, train, three flights and a taxi for ages, me, Bato and Daniel arrived at the Lees hotel here in Kaohsiung on Sunday evening. After we had located Oskar and Didac, who had arrived a couple of hours earlier, we decided to go for a quick bath at the hotel’s spa facilities. They had this Roman-Taiwanese bath that involved steam bath, sauna and cold bath, which what just what we needed to get back on track. After the bath all five of us went out for a bite at a seafood restaurant a few steps from the hotel. The food was excellent, better than my camera could capture in the photographs below.

Nice fish.

Mmmm meat

After eating we defied our tired eyes and walked aimlessly through the streets of Kaohsiung, ending up at a neat night market. Two of the major findings from this event (see photos below), apart from tons and tons of various unidentifiable (and often living) dishes, fruits and vegetables lined up along the streets were a fashionable popcorn machine and a hilarious attempt to sell a NES console clone. Tired from tons of impressions, we headed back to the hotel for some hours of sleep.

08:30, or rather 02:30 as mentioned in the beginning of my blog post, we managed to get up and have breakfast. As the conference welcome ceremony was scheduled at 15:00 there was plenty of time for some tourism. In 32 degrees celsius (and schorching sun I might add) we paid a visit to the love river, which wasn’t very romantic at noon time to be honest. However, we did find some neat figures lined up along the river (see photographs below).

At 15, we went by mini bus to the conference venue. The event involved good conversations and lots of Asian food; the only thing I missed was beer (although they served delicious ice tea). Looking forward to tomorrows program. Speaking of which, it’s time to get a few hours of sleep now, over and out!

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