Kaohsiung, day 2

Alright so I am a bit behind in my blogging as things have been quite hectic here at the WMUTE 2010 conference. Resuming the thread from my last blog post; at one o’clock in the night Didac storms into me and Oskar’s room and enlightens us that it is time for a beer in the bar next to our hotel. We thought that was a rather bad idea, so Didac and Bato went for themselves. After breakfast the following day there was no sign of the two beer lovers and we tried to call them from the reception. The first sign of life from those two that we got was via Facebook, as Didac had written an unforgettable status message somewhere around four in the night. Some time before lunch they finally arrived at the conference venue looking quite weary. It turned out that they had been having a very good time at the bar, involving beer, whiskey and a drunk manager at the bar.

The first ”real” day at the conference was a mixture of good and bad, where the highlight for me was to hear a bit of Adam’s work at the COLLIDE group and meeting Hiroaki Ogata’s master students from Tokushima, Japan, for a discussion about possible future collaboration. Later that evening we went downtown to check out a river called the ”Love river” and had some Japanese food and a beer or two with Adam. Check the photo below for a wicked dragon statue located just by the love river.

As Didac and Bato were not in a party mood and as four out of five CeLeKToids were presenting the day after we didn’t stay out that late. Back at the hotel we went to bed before midnight if I recall correctly, eager for yet another exciting day in Kaohsiung. I will add more to this blog asap but right now I need to go to bed; I got my presentation tomorrow and I don’t want to mess it up due to lack of sleep. Meanwhile I suggest you check out mine or Oskar’s photostream on Flickr for some awesome photos.


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