New design, new content

A new day and a new design to the site, pretty neat huh? I decided to change to an already existing WordPress template as there are people out there who knows how to develop them properly. 😛 Besides the new design I have added information about a system we have been developing at CeLeKT called Pinetree, which is a content repository based on Linked Data. While it is not yet available for download we are discussing to either put it up as open source or provide a binary file somewhere on the Web. The system itself still lacks authorisation and authentication mechanisms as we are still thinking about how to realise these things in the best way and still reap the benefits of linked data. So the API and installation instructions are mainly for people here at CeLeKT who have access to the binaries.

A little more useful for people outside the CeLeKT group is the Pinetree core ontology. While it was designed for the Pinetree system, the ontology makes it possible to represent the logical structure of digital content residing in content repositories in general. It has intentionally been kept simple to promote its reuse in other contexts that Pinetree.

A bit annoyingly is that the W3C RDF validator service refuses to validate the ontology when using the ”Check by URI” option, but if I paste the ontology into the ”Direct Input” textfield it validates perfectly. My initial suspicion is directed towards the FTP server at my web hosting service but I’m out of clues at this point. If anyone have had the same experience I’d be happy to hear from you.

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