Stuck in Taipei, Taiwan

Finally back at the guest house after hours of sightseeing, shopping and dining in Taipei. Our colleagues here in Taiwan have been treating us extremely well throughout our extended stay, making the wait all but boring. Since our arrival in Taipei two days ago our guides with Andrew in charge have shown us all there is to see in the city, such as the pink cow below. My N85 mobile phone has proven to been quite handy for documenting our trip; check out my Flickr feed to see more photos from out Taiwanese adventures.

A weird thing happened during today’s expedition while checking out a site where they had restored a part of town to resemble how it looked like about 50 years ago (that’s where I found the cow on acid by the way). Outside there was this guy making silhouettes of peoples heads in paper by using a pair of scissors. Suddenly he saw me in the crowd of people and yelled in Chinese that he would do my portrait for free, probably because I looked odd or challenging to resemble with a piece of paper. After encouraging me to dance the village people song YMCA and learn how to say ”welcome to Taiwan”, making me a complete fool in front of the crowd of people, I was eventually given the silhouette as a memory. And I don’t mind the dance, it was good fun to be honest. 🙂 Daniel took plenty of pictures (and some videos too I bet) of the event and I’ll post a photo here whenever I get my dirty hands on them.


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